For dialysis facility providers and staff

Learn how you can help your patients navigate
the kidney transplant process in this 10-minute video.

If you are a medical provider, feel free to share the webinar with your staff by:

  • Showing the webinar during a lunch and learn
  • Sharing the website link to the webinar via email

This 10-minute video helps patients to learn about transplant through
the journeys of other end-stage renal disease patients.

Some suggested ways to share this video with your patients include:

  • Playing the video in the lobby
  • Playing the video via a chairside tv system if available
  • Giving patients and their families business cards with our website link

This webinar provides information about the new kidney allocation policy and its implications for patient care.

Below is a guide for how to interpret the
transplant performance feedback reports.

Medical directors can discuss this report with their nurse manager and staff one-on-one or at a quality improvement meeting and discuss specific ways to ensure patients are appropriately educated and referred for transplant.