For Patients

Learn about transplant through the journeys of other
end-stage renal disease patients.

Patient Stories

“I would encourage people to work toward transplant because it is a better life. You still have to take medications to maintain your kidney, but you don’t have as many restrictions as you have on dialysis. You get a lot of your life back.”

Brenda - Patient

“I believe as African Americans, we do not understand how much it means to our community to be a donor. Because we are the ones that have the highest number of kidney disease. Why take these parts with you? There are other people who are waiting to start a new chapter in their life.”

Cynthia - Patient

“You can have a transplant and go back to living your normal life. You have to eat right; you have to work out, take your medications, and listen to your doctors. You’ll be okay.”

Donald - Patient

“My dialysis nursing staff and doctors were very encouraging. They got to know me and the things I like; they knew I loved to travel, to work in the church, that I loved my family, and had grandkids. They knew transplant would be the ultimate treatment option for me to have a full life.”

Doris - Patient

“I don’t think you ever have to feel that you’re too old to get a kidney. If your health is otherwise is good, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a kidney.”

Earl - Patient

“Compared to dialysis, there is no comparison. I don’t even know how to make a comparison to how I feel  with my kidney transplant and what was able to do with my life with dialysis.”

Fred - Patient